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Early Signing Day 2020: Chris Carpenter is a Colorado Buffalo!

The wide receiver from Texas makes it official.

NCAA Football: Texas State at Colorado Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Size and speed matter in college football. Mel Tucker has worked hard to make the Colorado Buffaloes bigger. Now that he’s comfortable with mission, the attention has shifted to the speed. At every position, Tucker has recruited explosive athletes. As we all know, this wide receiver group is filled with them. Add Chris Carpenter to that list.

Carpenter holds the distinction of being the shortest player in this 2020 recruiting class for the Buffs, which is strange, because he’s a hair under 6 foot and 170 pounds. He is not a DD Goodson type recruit. From Jacksonville, Texas, which is right in between hotbeds Dallas and Houston, Carpenter faced and dominated some high level competition in high school. As a recruit, he had offers from Oregon, Oklahoma State, Arkansas, and a few other P5 programs. Some teams came onto him late, but the Buffs held on, partially because of his preference to play receiver in college.

Carpenter has that long speed. His first few steps, he gets up to mach five, but when he’s there, he is gone. The first few plays in his tape are fun because they show how easy he makes the offense. Just give him the ball in space, and watch as the TDs pile up. He has a nice combination of short and long routes in his bag, and can also be used behind the line of scrimmage. Carpenter also adds a surprising amount of power to his game. He does not shy away from contact. I would expect him to be a special teams ace early.

Welcome, Chris!