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At the Buzzer: Jeremy Bloom talks NCAA pay for likeness, California law

Bloom was a Colorado Buffaloes receiver and Olympic skier.

Jeremy Bloom carries the ball

On the latest episode of At the Buzzer, we bring in guest Jeremy Bloom to discuss the NCAA and paying student-athletes. He talks about the California bill that ruled student-athletes are allowed to profit off their likeness, the NCAA statement that they will permit athletes to profit under a “collegiate model,” and what the future of this issue may be.

Bloom is a cult hero in Colorado Buffaloes history as he was a dynamic receiver and returner, in addition to being the #1 ranked skier in the world. Bloom played two seasons at CU after competing in the 2002 Olympics, but the NCAA ruled him ineligible because of his skiing endorsement deals. The NCAA has since allowed athletes to profit in sports they are not competing in collegiately, like Kyler Murray signing with the Oakland A’s and still playing at Oklahoma.