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Buffaloes in the NBA: Spencer Dinwiddie stars in comeback win over Rockets

Our beloved Buffalo bested James Harden last night.

NBA: Houston Rockets at Brooklyn Nets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

All hail Spencer Dinwiddie, whose brilliance has drawn his blade and slayed the foul beast known to the hinterlands as James of Harden. The buffalo, noble and proud, vanquished the sun devil with late heroics to carry upon his back the mighty Nets of Brooklyn.

(Someone should really proofread my stories because this lede should not have been published lmao.)

Dinwiddie’s heroics were legendary, really. He scored an absurd 25 points in the fourth quarter and overtime. 9 of those points came in the final 30 seconds to force overtime, and all were on deep, contested threes. If you’re wondering how James Harden could score 58 points in a game and lose, Spencer is how.

This vindicates Dinwiddie’s reputation as being one of the premier clutch scorers in the NBA. As we’ve seen numerous times throughout the past two seasons, most notably against LeBron James’s Cavaliers last year, he’s capable of carrying the Nets to close victories against elite competition.

Now that D’Angelo Russell is healthy after missing most of last season, Dinwiddie hasn’t been starting, but it’s obvious he’s an invaluable piece in Brooklyn’s core. He’s averaging 17.0 points (a career high) and 5.1 assists in 28.5 minutes per game, and he’s shooting 37.2% from three and 52.9% from the field (both career bests). Even after the injury to breakout star Caris LeVert, the Nets have survived in the Eastern Conference playoff race, and it’s largely because of Dinwiddie showing out every night.

After signing with the Nets in 2016, his contract was one of the most valuable bang-for-buck in the NBA. He recently signed a three-year extension worth $34 million, which will keep him in Brooklyn on could end up being a bargain deal. The Nets’ core is a fun bunch and it seems that the will have some fun times ahead with Spencer leading the charge.