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Reliving Colorado - Nebraska, 62 - 36: The final three touchdowns

The Buffs do not falter down the stretch

Nebraska v Colorado Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

We’re back to 2001. The Buffs, playing the Nebraska Cornhuskers on Thanksgiving weekend, walk into halftime with 42 points and a huge lead. They have punched the Huskers in the mouth, and they did not respond in kind. It’s easy in this situation to relax the muscles a bit, and lose the vicegrip on the game.

That’s exactly what the Colorado Buffaloes did. A quick three and out gives the Huskers great field position, and a long pass from Crouch sets up Nebraska right at the goal line. But true to form for the day, Nebraska fumbles and the Buffs take over. After an unsuccessful attempt to get out from the goal line, CU punts the ball back to Nebraska, who promptly runs it in with Eric Crouch. The score is now 42-30, and nervousness starts to creep in. Three and outs from both teams run out the clock, and the Buffs now face a 95 yard field. On a play-action fake, Pesavento shows some signature grit and just runs out for huge gains.

No longer facing a potential safety, the Buffs can open up their playbook a bit more. Chris Brown has been punishing Huskers all afternoon, but the running rotation of Purify and Brown is hard to stop, especially when you need points instead of time. Once again, the CU offensive line just demolishes the line of scrimmage and Purify runs for 15 yards before he gets touched.

The coming of the fourth quarter means one thing - Chris Brown time. Number 22 starts PUNISHING the Huskers almost immediately. He takes defenders for whatever the opposite of a joyride is multiple times. Just look at this beautiful run to set up a beautiful touchdown.

Now it’s 49-30 in the fourth quarter. Time to panic, Nebraska. A holding call sets up a 3rd and long, which means Eric Crouch plays right into the hands of Michael Lewis. Specifically, the ball goes right into Michael Lewis’s hands for an interception. The fantastic safety sets up the Buffs with even better field position, and Chris Brown runs unfazed into the end zone for a touchdown. It’s his fifth of the night.

Nebraska is now in full panic mode. They are throwing way more than running, and that is not their strong suit. Crouch becomes a mono-threat quarterback, and there’s only so many tight ends and full back to look at before you throw an interception. Another interception caused by a big Sean Tufts hit pretty much seals the game. With ten minutes left. Chris Brown bulldozes for one more.

The sixth touchdown was a career high and a CU record that still stands to this day. The 62 points was the most Nebraska had ever given up, and the shine was off of the Nebraska program. Since that game, they have never been the same. 62-36 lives on forever in every CU fan who loved to watch the Huskers lose, and more importantly, the Buffs win.