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Buffaloes mascot Chip probable for UCLA

Chip will likely be back after suffering an injury two weeks ago.

California v Colorado Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Good news for the Colorado Buffaloes: Chip is likely to return to action for the Buffs’ Friday night game against the UCLA Bruins. Chip has been dealing with a groin injury that was sustained last time CU played.

After Chip’s t-shirt cannon horribly backfired into his nether regions, he was down on the ground for some time before being treated by the Colorado staff. After a brief check, they carted him off to sympathetic applause.

Although the cannon tried to, Chip never removed his head. This should be a lesson to all mascots that no matter how much pain and torture that may be inflicted upon them, nothing is more important than staying in character. It’s also quite important to make sure your cannon is working, before and after it backfires.

Chip has been in recovery this week and should be ready to go for Friday. There’s a chance he won’t be 100%, but Chip could still be a difference-maker.