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Colorado Buffaloes announce uniforms for Rocky Mountain Showdown

We have our first uniform announcement of this brand-new season. Oh the joy!

The Colorado Buffaloes will look sharp in their season debut. Against the Colorado State Rams on Friday night (7:30 p.m. MT), the Buffs will wear this uniform set:

The last time the Buffs wore this uniform combo — gold helmets, white jerseys and white pants — was in the Rocky Mountain Showdown in 2003.

Just as they did in their 2016 game at Michigan, the Buffs are trolling the opposition by wearing the same combo as they did in a classic win. In 2003, the Rams were led by the despicable Bradlee Van Pelt and came into the season ranked #23 in the country. Colorado won, 42-35, thanks to four touchdown passes from Joel Klatt. Besides appeasing the always enjoyable Klatt, the Buffs saw breakout games from receivers D.J. Hacket and Derek McCoy. Maybe that will happen again as Steven Montez leads a stacked receiving corps against a porous CSU defense.

Rumor has it, the Rams will wear Colorado flag-themed uniforms, probably a blue-version of these unis worn in their loss to Boise State last season. If they don’t wear those uniforms — again, all I heard was a rumor from someone who heard a rumor — they will contrast Colorado’s gorgeous uniforms with those hideous green-and-gold sets. If they do wear those unis, hopefully K.J. Carta Samuels won’t be given a helmet with abnormally large horns.