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Colorado Buffaloes most important players: #7 Jake Moretti

Please stay healthy.

Colorado Buffaloes Football

Folks, I am compelled to again explain the method for these rankings. Ralphie Report is taking a stab at ranking the Most Important Colorado Buffaloes. Not the best, not the most consistent, but the most important. With that in mind, Jake Moretti steps in high at number 7.

How is a man who has never played a snap for the Buffs so high up? Well, pure potential. Moretti was a coup in the 2017 recruiting class after an ACL injury hastened a switch from the Buckeyes to the Buffs. He has spent the last two years rehabbing that nasty injury (which has taken so long due to nerve damage) and this year, he is healthy enough to play snaps in a game. And hopefully, he stays healthy and plays those snaps. Because he is the best OT on the team when healthy.

No other candidate at LT has the same physicality. No other candidate has the the same athleticism. He even has prototypical size! Moretti, when he steps on the field, can anchor the line. The one-two punch between him and Lynott, both Colorado boys, will be/could be astounding. Jake can fundamentally change the fortunes of the O-line.

When healthy. And therein lies his importance. Moretti needs to stay healthy this year. Not just for the Buffs, but for him. When Moretti is not an option at LT, it appears that CU is going with 5th year utility player Josh Kaiser or redshirt freshman Will Sherman, who’s a natural guard. Moretti is far and away the most natural fit at that spot, and if/when he plays, it moves Kaiser to the critical 6th man that can move around the line and Sherman back to his best spot at LG. Essentially, his health is one of the single biggest factors to the success of the offense this year.

So, we choose to be optimistic and say that Moretti plays snaps this year and dominates like he should (knock on wood). If that happens, he shoots up this list even more.