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Buffaloes jersey numbers released for 2018

Here are some number changes happening this season.

NCAA Football: Arizona at Colorado
Bounds will change his number to 44 this season.
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In college football, nothing really stays the same from season to season. Change even occurs in the numbers players wear. The rosters have turned over and young players fill in for larger roles and better numbers. Every cornerback wants to wear #1, and no one wants to stay at #46 for their entire college career.

Here are the numbers changes from last season to this season, including notable freshmen and JUCO transfers.

Buffaloes number changes

Player Position 2017 2018
Player Position 2017 2018
Delrick Abrams CB n/a 1
Donvan Lee RB 20 1
Laviska Shenault WR 8 2
KD Nixon WR 13 3
Sam Noyer QB 15 4
Davion Taylor LB n/a 5
Daniel Arias WR n/a 5
Trey Udoffia CB 8/22 8
Tony Brown WR n/a 18
Javier Edwards NT 9 33
Travon McMillian RB n/a 34
Mustafa Johnson DE n/a 34
Chris Bounds TE 43 44
Jake Moretti OT 70 73
Darrion Jones TE n/a 88
Israel Antwine DT n/a 95
Jalen Sami NT n/a 99

The main takeaway from these changes is that young studs want star player numbers. The only exceptions would be Javier Edwards (9 to 33), who will sadly not be a 330+ lbs. man wearing a single digit, and Texas Tech transfer Tony Brown (n/a to 18), who picked a terrible number even though far superior numbers 11 and 19 were available. (Update: 11 and 19 are not, in fact, available. 11 is retired for Bobby Anderson and 19 is retired for Rashaan Salaam. But still, 18 is a terrible number.)

This also means that the entire secondary will wear single digits. JUCO transfer Delrick Abrams (#1) will likely start at cornerback and Trey Udoffia (#8) will keep that number after switching back and forth between that and #22 last season. JUCO transfer Davion Taylor will also play buff backer whilst wearing #5, which will look cool as hell, especially if he wears a visor and an arm sleeve. (Sorry, I’ve been playing a lot of NCAA Football 14 recently.)

Also of note, Phillip Lindsay’s #23 will be worn by freshman running back Jarek Broussard and Isaiah Oliver’s #26 will be worn by freshman cornerback Dustin Johnson. Both numbers will probably rest this season, however, as both Broussard and Johnson will likely redshirt.