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Coors iced out, Colorado removes sponsorship from Events Center

The CU Events Center will no longer be sponsored by Coors.

NCAA Basketball: Arizona State at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The coldest tasting beer in the world just got the cold taste of heartbreak. After a 28-year relationship, the Colorado Buffaloes’ Events Center will no longer carry ‘Coors’ in the arena’s title.

The name change to the former Coors Events Center has been in the works for years. The University has been searching for naming rights to the events center the past few years, but to no avail. Coors had naming right in the interim, but it was almost by default. Now in 2018, Coors decided against an extension to those rights, according to a CU press release.

It appears that the events center will be without a sponsor for the time being. Instead it will be known plainly as the CU Events Center. This will likely be the case until the university finds a lucrative deal, which according to Brian Howell of the Daily Camera, would ideally be a 10-year contract.

It may take some time for CU fans to get used to the name change, but should there be a better naming rights deal in the future, this will be a net positive for the athletic programs.