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Talented Texas OL continues talent run for Colorado Buffaloes

I could get used to this commit a day thing

NCAA Football: California at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Three different states, three different positions, three different playmakers joining the Colorado Buffaloes. After a quick jaunt to Michigan to pick one of the best RBs in the nation, the Buffs weren’t done. A hop, skip, and jump to Bakersfield proved fruitful, with Carl Jones joining the commit list as a safety. And now, some beef. Cam’Ron Johnson, from Pearland, Texas, is the 15th recruit in the 2019 class.

Johnson is a versatile lineman, standing at 6’4 and nearly 290 pounds. At that size, he can (and does) play all across the line for Shadow Creek High School, which has the coolest name I’ve ever heard. He is likely to factor in on the interior part of the line for the Buffs. Cam’Ron has offers from almost everybody in the Houston area and the state of Texas, other than the traditional big dogs. Of note, he held offers from Arizona, CSU, Oregon State, and UTSA (who has all-world recruiter Frank Wilson running the show) when he chose the Buffs.

It’s easy to see why you go down to Texas to recruit linemen. His tape shows that he doesn’t win by just being bigger than everybody, as everyone is almost as big as him. Johnson has some quick feet and arms that are longer than his height would suggest. He holds the point of attack well, and while it would be nice to see more aggressive punch (sometimes he waits for contact), when he does get his hands on you, he finishes the block. All the way to the ground. Johnson is violent, big, and agile. Great combo.

Welcome, Cam’ron!