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Evan Battey announces return to Colorado Buffaloes basketball


NCAA Basketball: UCLA at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The best addition to the 2018 Colorado Basketball team was just announced yesterday. You may have missed it, it was pretty sneaky and only on Twitter. But here it is:

That’s right. EVAN BATTEY IS BACK. The Ralphie Report favorite and the most powerful player on the team next year has run through every hurdle in front of him and is finally ready to get on the court. After a suspect NCAA ineligibility ruling, a scary stroke suffered over winter break, and another year he had to sit out in high school, Battey is practicing and conditioning with the team. Now, Tad Boyle warned that it will be a slow ramp up to full speed and full participation, but this is wonderful news for an even more wonderful person.

Sure, this is a boon for a Buff team that will challenge for a tourney spot in 2018, but we should all just celebrate that a kid who loves basketball as much as Evan does can get back to the sport he loves. Go get it, Evan!