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Tad Boyle reportedly injured breaking up fight at end of Buffaloes Pac-12 tournament win

CU’s head coach was injured breaking up a fight.

NCAA Basketball: UCLA at Colorado
“OUCH!” - Tad Boyle
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No great victory is possible without sacrifice. During their upset of the Arizona State Sun Devils in an epic 97-85 win, Tad Boyle was that sacrifice.

The injury occurred in the final seconds of the game. The Buffaloes were leading 92-83 with ten seconds left when McKinley Wright threw an alley-oop to Tyler Bey, who threw down the punctuating dunk. Tra Holder, Arizona State’s best player, took exception to this disrespectful dunk and shoved Bey to the floor after the play. George King, superb senior leader, stepped in to shove Holder and push back the entire ASU team. Wright yelled at Holder to go home, prompting even more yelling. Obviously, Kin and Bey do not care one bit for their opponents’ feelings, and that is just wonderful.

Tad Boyle (and Namon Wright) ran onto the court to break up the kerfuffle, but in doing so, he apparently injured his leg. He noticeably limped back to the bench with what looks like a potentially significant injury. It may be a strain or a tear, but either way, we may be in for a treat if Boyle ends up coaching against Arizona whilst loaded up on pain meds.

Boyle said after the game that “we shouldn't have dunked the ball.” In my opinion, though, Tyler Bey should have had another alley-oop dunk after both teams shot technical free throws. Just out of spite and pure disrespect.

All jokes aside, it’s unfortunate Tad Boyle was injured and we wish him a speedy recovery. May he continue out-coaching his Pac-12 rivals without pain.