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Star Power Visiting for Colorado’s Spring Game

Legit blue-chips are coming to Boulder

NCAA Football: Arizona at Colorado Russell Lansford-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Buffaloes perform their Spring Showcase today. This is one of two times that the public has been allowed to watch spring football, and given that it is the final scrimmage, there will be plenty of watchful eyes. But the most important pairs of peepers don’t belong to the fans or the reporters. They belong to the star studded cast that will visit Boulder for the game. I cannot stress this enough, this is Ocean’s Eleven level talent in Folsom on Saturday. While there are more names, the two names publicly known are below:

First name first. Bru McCoy is coming to Boulder. The number one athlete in the country, the best player west of Texas, and a bonafide top 10 talent in the 2019 class. McCoy is an ATH, meaning he plays both sides of the ball, and he is equally proficient at WR and rush end. His tape shows a bunch of future D-1 players looking silly. He is a one-man wrecking crew on defense, and an all around receiver on offense. Now, I have no delusions. CU is a long shot with McCoy, who can pick his program. But getting him to Boulder is a great first step.

The next prospect is actually a return visitor to CU. Jaren Mangham, the RB from Detroit, returns as an incoming senior after camping with the Buffs as a junior last year. He hails from Cass Tech, a powerhouse football program in Michigan, and has offers from just about everybody. He is a different body that what CU has had at the back position, standing at an imposing 6’1 and just over 200. He runs hard and cuts fast upfield, and while he doesn’t break away from anybody, he gets to the edge first. Another longshot for CU, but certainly gettable.

There are other prospects coming in to Boulder, and as they reveal themselves, Ralphie Report will keep you updated.