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The Official Ralphie Report March Madness Pool

Here’s what the staff has predicted for March.

NCAA Basketball Tournament - Colorado v UNLV Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Brackets, brackets and more brackets. That is what March is all about. To celebrate the occasion, we have the Ralphie Report staff (and others) contribute their brackets to the cruel world of online. Please make sure to lambaste us when these all turn out to be hot garbage. (Click to enlarge.)

Anthony Kazmierczak (@anthonykaz4):

Cam Goeldner (@Goeldfinger):

Benjamin Burrows (@Rumblinbuffalo):

Goose (@CUGoose):

Jeff Hauser (@radiohauser):

Jack Barsch (@NoLeftHand):

Sam Metivier (@sam_metivier):

Jon Woods (@WoodrowWilson):