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Tory Miller-Stewart to transfer from Colorado

The senior center will pursue other options for his final season.

NCAA Basketball: Colorado at Oregon Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Tory Miller-Stewart will transfer from the Colorado Buffaloes for his final season. The basketball program officially announced Tuesday afternoon that the senior center will graduate in the Spring and pursue options as a graduate transfer. Wherever he goes, he will be immediately eligible to play.

Miller-Stewart missed all but 6 games after breaking his foot in November. He participated in the Senior Day honors even as his future was up in the air until now.

The goofball center played in 101 career games for the Buffaloes, averaging 4.8 points and 3.7 rebounds in 14 minutes per game. His biggest impact was outside the box score as he was a physical presence on the inside, a demoralizing in-game dunker, and a tremendous locker room guy as a known jokester. His loss this season was huge for the Buffs, especially in games they struggled to rebound.

Miller-Stewart is presumably transferring because his playing time is far from guaranteed. Dallas Walton emerged as a future star in his redshirt freshman season. Lucas Siewert struggled after TMS went down, but he was surprisingly CU’s most consistent offensive threat late in the season. Evan Battey will also be freed from his NCAA-forced redshirt. Miller-Stewart is the most experienced player and best rebounder of that bunch, but he doesn’t quite offer much on offense, so he likely would have played a lesser role than he deserves.

Our favorite memory of Tory will be last April’s Fools Day when he trolled CU fans by pretending to transfer, everyone except us, because we sniffed out his prank from a mile away. (He has since deleted the tweet.) It’s fitting that he did end up transferring from the school, although it is sad to see him go.

We’re hoping that wherever Miller-Stewart transfers to, he will have every opportunity to succeed. Hopefully he will make the most of his final season and bring his humor to another locker room in need of a great guy.