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Colorado Buffaloes Miss the NIT

No postseason for Tad Boyle and company

NCAA Basketball: UCLA at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Selection Sunday came and went, and for the first time in Tad Boyle’s tenure, CU did not have anything to announce. The 2017-18 Colorado Buffaloes officially missed the postseason. Part of that is due to Boyle’s newly enacted policy of not accepting a CBI bid after the disastrous try in 2014. So, with the Buffs only options being the NIT or the NCAA Tournament, CU will be on the outside looking in.

While the Buffs have some top-quality wins and are two games over .500, there are just too many headscratching losses for them to make it in. Remember, this team is young, painfully so at the beginning of the year. A home loss to San Diego (who fell apart amid coaching strife near the end of the year), a road loss to CSU (who fell apart amid coaching strife near the end of the year), and a road loss to Washington State (who fell apart because they had nothing holding them together) are the main offenders. All of those are games that Boyle and company wish they had back, but therein lies the peril with youth. The offseason starts now for CU, and I have no doubt that this team will use this to work harder than before.

The next few weeks will still be important for CU fans. Tory Miller-Stewart needs to decide whether he is coming back for his senior season of eligibility or graduating and moving on to greener pastures, be it another program or the professional world. The Buffs will have some late stage recruiting to do, and Ralphie Report will keep you updated on everything you need to know about next year’s Buffs.