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NFL Mock Draft: What if only Colorado players were drafted?

The most controversial mock draft published since this morning.

NCAA Football: Colorado at UCLA Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Mock drafts are always fun, especially when you mess around with it. Inspired by Big Cat Country’s mock draft where every selection is Lamar Jackson, we thought it would be fun to have a draft where only Colorado Buffaloes can be selected.

1. Cleveland Browns: Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado

Oliver has all the makings of a future star: elite athleticism, excellent ball skills, great size for the position, and a superb work ethic. The only problem is that it’s going to be a tough time adjusting to life in Cleveland playing for a team like the Browns.

2. New York Giants: Phillip Lindsay, RB, Colorado

Health permitting, the Giants should have a good offense next year thanks to Odell Beckham and that receiving corps. To have a great offense, they need an elite running back, someone like Phillip Lindsay. Lindsay would also be great for them to have in the locker room where he built a legacy at CU for his fiery leadership.

3. Indianapolis Colts: Afolabi Laguda, S, Colorado

The Colts need all the talent they can get on their defense, especially in the secondary. Laguda isn’t exactly Bob Sanders in coverage, but he can be a menacing presence in the box.

4. Cleveland Browns: Bryce Bobo, WR, Colorado

After they’ve addressed a pressing need with Isaiah Oliver, now they need to get some quality playmakers on the offense. Bobo is simultaneously a go-to option on third down and a dangerous threat deep down the field. He’s also superb at run blocking.

5. Denver Broncos: Jeromy Irwin, OT, Colorado

The draft is starting to get thin here, but the Broncos do need an outside tackle and Irwin is likely the best they can find.

6. New York Jets: Shay Fields, WR, Colorado

“Big Play” Shay Fields had a disappointing senior season, but he was a mid-round draft prospect before the season for good reasons: he’s fast and, when engaged, can get great separation for huge plays. The Jets see him as another Robby Anderson, which isn’t a bad thing.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Gerrad Kough, OG, Colorado

The Buccs need to address concerns on the interior of their offensive line and drafting Kough is their only option.

8. Chicago Bears: Devin Ross, WR, Colorado

Colorado decided to stop passing to Ross for whatever reason last season, but he’s actually quite good when he’s featured in the game plan. He’s really fast and runs solid routes to get open in the middle of the field. He would be a good pickup for a Chicago team that needs quality receivers.

9. Oakland Raiders: Derek McCartney, DE/OLB, Colorado

The Raiders still some help on the edge and McCartney can be a good player opposite Khalil Mack. He prefers to go to med school than play for the Raiders, but Oakland chooses him anyway.

10. San Francisco 49ers: Ryan Moeller, S/OLB, Colorado

The 49ers are looking to get an up-the-middle defender capable of doing all the little things. Moeller is exactly that guy and he should be able to form a stylish buddy cop comedy with Jimmy Garoppolo.

11. Miami Dolphins: Timothy Coleman, DE, Colorado

Cameron Wake isn’t immortal, Miami will have to replace him sometime. Timothy Coleman is the best pure rusher at this point in the draft and it’s an easy selection.

12. Cincinnati Bengals: Jonathan Huckins, OG, Colorado

The Bengals need to fortify their offensive line so they pick the last lineman available. Hopefully Huckins could earn his stripes.

13. Washington: Leo Jackson, DE, Colorado

Leo Jackson is one of the most menacing looking people I have ever seen in my life. Judging by how poorly Washington’s defense played last year, they need more menacing defenders like Jackson.

14. Green Bay Packers: George King, TE/SF, Colorado

George King might not be thicc enough for football, but I would love to see him catch passes like he grabs rebounds. He should also be able to build on his frame and get stronger if he focused on football.

15. Arizona Cardinals: George Frazier, FB, Colorado

Why have one Robert Nkemdiche if you can have two?

16. Baltimore Ravens: Bryan Meek, ILB/RHP, Colorado

Bryan Meek transferred to CU from the Air Force Academy, where he was on a scholarship on the Falcons baseball team as a pitcher. The Ravens aren’t drafting him, per se, but the Orioles are because, quite frankly, he can’t be worse than Ubaldo Jimenez.

17. L.A. Chargers: Tory Miller-Stewart, DE/PF, Colorado

Miller-Stewart may be a jokester on the inside, but he’s mean enough on the outside to play football with enough intensity.

18. Seattle Seahawks: Arielle Gold, WR, Colorado

Seattle already has a high-flying Buff playing receiver and they see Olympic bronze medalist Arielle Gold as a good option at this point in the draft.

19. Dallas Cowboys: Zoe Correal, WR/C, Colorado

Dez Bryant looks washed up and the Cowboys absolutely need to find some talent to supplement Dak Prescott. Zoe Correal may be inexperienced at football, but at 6’4 with great strength and athleticism, she could be a great jump-ball threat on the outside.

20. Detroit Lions: Donovan Lee, RB/WR, Colorado

Lee has struggled with injuries and consistency in Boulder, but when he’s healthy, he can be a dynamic playmaker as a receiving running back. He would be perfect on the Lions’ high-octane offense.

21. Buffalo Bills: Dom Collier, QB, Colorado

Collier may be turnover prone and susceptible to disappearing in close games, but if the Bills are really moving on from Tyrod Taylor, he’s better than Nathan Peterman.

22. Buffalo Bills: Trent Headley, OLB, Colorado

The Bills need help on the edge and Headley is there to be a stabilizing presence. I don’t know if he’s any good, but the Bills aren’t either.

23. L.A. Rams: Evan Worthington, S, Colorado

Worthington isn’t in the draft pool, but the Rams try to pull a fast one and see if anyone will notice they took a high-level safety prospect.

24. Carolina Panthers: Andrew Bergner, DB, Colorado

I know nothing about Bergner other than that he plays defensive back at CU, but even that sounds like an improvement over whoever is starting in that woeful Carolina secondary.

25. Tennessee Titans: Tanner Grzesiek, RB/FB, Colorado

The Titans use an old-school, smashmouth offensive system that seems to be lacking a full back. The Titans don’t know if Grzesiek has experience playing that position, but they pick him anyway because he just looks like a full back.

26. Atlanta Falcons: Kenneth Olugbode, ILB, Colorado

Similar to the Worthington pick, Atlanta tries to get creative by selecting a player that was undrafted last season.

27. New Orleans Saints: Michael Adkins II, RB, Colorado

Adkins would be better off becoming a CEO, but he finds himself in a good spot in New Orleans, health permitting.

28. Pittsburgh Steelers: T.J. Patterson, QB, Colorado

Ben Roethlisberger is close to hanging it up and the Steelers will need to replace him sooner than later. Patterson is the only QB left on the board so Pittsburgh selects the Boulder High alum.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars: Chris Graham, K, Colorado

Leave it to the Jags to pick a third-string kicker in the first round.

30. Minnesota Vikings: Kevin Dement, WR, Colorado

Dement is the last remaining draft-eligible player on the Buffs, so this is an easy pick for Minnesota.

31. New England Patriots: N/A

The Patriots will forfeit their selection after the Russian probe implicates Tom Brady as a sleeper agent whose real identity is Я не могу поймать.

32. Philadelphia Eagles: Darrin Chiverini, WR Coach, Colorado

Considering there’s no one left to pick, the Eagles can either see if Chiv can coach up the receiving group or if he still has some game left.