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National Signing Day 2019: Valentin Senn is a Buff

The athletic OL from...Austria? signs on

NCAA Football: California at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Austria is a strange country. For having a population less than half the state of Texas, it has had a very outsized impact on world events. Beethoven, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, other people, and now Valentin Senn. Here’s hoping Senn is the Beethoven of college football, as Bill Walton would say.

Not much is known about Valentin Senn, other than the fact that he’s huge, athletic, and foreign. He impressed on the camp circuit this summer, enough for a few big teams and the UA All American Bowl to take a chance on him. He is tall, at around 6’5, and will need to add some weigh to his 275 pound frame.

The thing that sticks out right away about Valentin is how well he moves. He looks like a tight end out there. He can get down the field hurry and is very comfortable shuffling laterally. He finishes blocks well and the Colorado Buffaloes desperately need athletic bodies at tackle.

Welcome, Valentin!