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Colorado at Arizona in GIFS

Some feel-good stories in a game that felt bad

NCAA Football: Colorado at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

sigh Y’know, these get harder and harder to do every week. Thank god the Pac-12 Network didn’t upload the Oregon State replay in time, because I really did not want to re-watch and analyze that one. Sure, it’s uploaded now, but you guys don’t want to see that one, do you?

Anyyyways, back to another backbreaking loss, this time on the road to Arizona. The Buffs started out on fire in two out of three sides of the game. Unfortunately, the defense and special teams were let down by the offense, who went 1.5/3 in the red zone.

After two straight wildcat plays and an ill-conceived slide by Steven Montez, the Colorado Buffaloes were faced with a 4th and 2. Normally, this is Laviska Shenault territory. However, he is still hurt. So, it was KD Nixon territory. I don’t like running laterally on short downs, especially like this. Chris Bounds’ loss was felt in a big way in downs like these. This play was blown up from the get-go. Nixon possibly could have cut up field sooner for an open hole, but that’s a tall order.

How about one big round of applause for Juwann Winfree? While this losing streak is fun for no one and Laviska Sheanult’s injury has hurt the team, it has been great to see Winfree battle back to the playing field. It’s even better when they throw to him. This play shows how dangerous Winfree is as a route-runner. He makes this poor defender fall down in 3 steps. Juwann was dependable and lethal all night, and I look forward to his increased role the last three games.

2017 Steven Montez comes back with a vengeance on this play. The haphazard footwork, the poor offensive line protection and the horrific overthrow. Montez was given an impossible task all night, but throws like this did not make his job any easier. He had two open receivers on this play and the ball went in between them.

I put these back to back to show you the difference between early MacIntyre recruiting classes and late MacIntyre recruiting classes. Rick Gamboa is unfairly maligned, and as longtime readers of Ralphie Report may know, I love him as a player. I want him to immediately be hired as a GA after he’s done playing. But one-on-one coverage is not his strong suit, especially against tight ends. There’s just no quickness there. Compare that to Nate Landman, who beats the RB to the edge on this play. Jimmies and Joes, man.

For the life of me, I don’t know why they run this play more. They have used this clearout RB pass play plenty of times this year, and it goes for a first down every time. It’s a great quick pass play that mitigates any pressure the defense tries to bring, and slows down the linebackers enough to work. Travon McMillian is just OK as a receiver, but he still gets 10 yards unimpeded. This is a staple that Coach Chiv should come back to over and over this year.

A Kabion Ento sighting! I love watching him play. Big and physical, he never goes down easy. He was another great thing to come from this game. Please use him and Winfree more often. They both know how to play wide receiver.

Another great play call from Chiaverini. Montez was under siege all game, and this is one of the few plays designed entirely to use that to the offense’s advantage. If you look, Kyle Evans is only wide open because of the corner blitz on the outside. This is a one read play. Montez looks to see if the corner is there, and he’s not. A quick pop pass takes less than a second. More of this, please.

One of the few plays all night that everyone up front did their job. Klayton Adams has an unenviable job. Yes, the personnel failings are largely his fault, but he cannot five consistent performers for the life of him. The guards and right tackle are rotated because every player seems to have 20 good snaps in them per game and Adams has to figure out when those snaps will come. This was a good play from Brett Tonz and Colby Pursell. They sealed the hole and Travon had an easy run.

Another weekly reminder that Davion Taylor is going to be special next year as a senior. Sheds the wide receiver easily, sets and strings the edge, and runs down the running back.

Finally, another feel good story from the wide receiving corps. Jaylon Jackson has been easing back into action, and he bounced back from a drop on 3rd and 4 to make a great catch on 4th and 4. Good job from Montez to quickly recognize the route and zip it in there. Jackson will be a stud for CU in due time.

All in all, CU should not have lost this game. Early offensive miscues killed the shot a win, and Khalil Tate decides to be a Heismen when he sees buffaloes on helmets.