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Colorado Soccer SNUBBED

Meet us in Temecula, NCAA

The best team in Boulder, you Colorado Buffaloes soccer team, just got disrespected by the NCAA selection committee. The Buffs, who did not lose until the third week in October and only had four losses on the year (three to top 10 teams) just got left out of the NCAA Tournament.

The Pac-12 as a whole got 5 teams into the tournament, an impressive accomplishment for the league. However, we all know it should have been 6 teams. The last four games left a bad taste in the committee’s mouth sure, but that gauntlet would have claimed many victims. This team, led by coach Danny Sanchez and some amazing scoring talent in Tatum Barton and Jorian Baucom, would have done some serious damage in the tournament, and now we don’t get to see this explosive team reach their potential.

While an unceremonious end for the Buffs this year, the team is poised for a big step forward next year. Superstars Taylor Kornieck and Tatum Barton return in the midfield and attack, respectively, and the impossibly young back line will stay intact. Jalen Tompkins will return for her fifth year in goal, and some of the young forward talent should continue to blossom. Danny Sanchez has this program rolling.