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Colorado Football Hires Ashley Ambrose as 10th Assistant Coach

Ambrose will assist ShaDon Brown with the DBs

New Orleans Saints vs Carolina Panthers

The NCAA recently allowed a 10th assistant on FBS coaching staffs. Many teams are having some fun with this. Ohio State hired Alex Grinch, WSU’s DC, in an unnamed role because they can just do that. Oregon State hired Mike Riley for less than 100k to be Mike RIley. Most teams are hiring a coach that lighten the load for a coach with a big group that can recruit. Colorado went this route, and they hired a semi-familiar name. Ashley Ambrose is reportedly joining Mike MacIntyre's staff.

Ambrose has been to Boulder before, as part of Dan Hawkins’ staff for a short-lived two years. Before that, he had a stellar 13 year career in the NFL as a defensive back. After CU, he bounced to the NFL, then Texas State, eventually working his way back to Boise State for the past two years as a DB coach. Ambrose coached Jimmy Smith and Jalil Brown in their senior years, and while they were plenty good before him, he certainly helped in their development. He has worked with a ball-hawking, physical secondary at BSU. He is stepping into a similar situation at CU. Ambrose will likely help with CBs at CU, allowing ShaDon Brown to focus on safeties and scheme.

Welcome back, Ashley!