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Colorado Basketball Receives First Class of 2018 Commitment

Another Denver guard is staying home

NCAA Basketball: Washington at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

If there’s one thing that Tad Boyle does when he recruits, it’s keep in-state talent in-state and find lefties. Well, that’s two things, but they both work. Boyle found a lefty scorer within state lines for the second year in a row, and today, he secured his commitment.

Daylen Kountz made it official, committing to CU over offers from Wichita State, Virginia Commonwealth, Wyoming, Colorado State, and others. Kountz plays for Denver East, like Dominique Collier once did, and he averaged over 26 points a game last year as a junior. Like recent CU recruit D’Shawn Schwartz, he is a lefty scorer, but their games are different.

Daylen is a natural slasher from the wing. His shot is a little flat, but it’s fast and it goes in. His real skill is getting to the hoop. His athleticism is solid, his second jump is super quick, and he knows how to shield the ball from the defender with his body. He’s a smart driver and can finish with force if he needs to.

Tad got the best player in the state once again. Kountz is a combo guard/wing, so this most likely fills George King’s scholarship.