Buffs Potential Yards Gained-Updated Following the ASU Game

Google Doc-Buffs Potential Yards Gained

Keeping track this year of how well the Buffs are able to gain yards relative to field position. So far, it has not been such a great start for the Buffs offense through two weeks. Luckily, the defense has been able to make up for it so far. I'll keep this updated each week.

Updated Following ASU: Not a whole lot to say besides the defense wore down against the Sun Devils run game late. The offense bogged down in the second half, gaining more than 50% of the required yards just twice , with 5 failing to gain at least 15%.

Updated Following Cal: The offense looked much better this week with just 4 drives failing to get 50% of potential yardage, while the defense forced 5 failed drives and added an interception score.

Updated Following Wazzu: The weather obviously dampened both offenses a bit, but the Buffs didn't have a drive gain 50% of the needed yards but once in the game. You're never going to win a game doing that,

Updated Following Oregon State: The Buffs came away luck here. The defense bent all afternoon bust stiffened most of the first half to keep the game in reach, which lead to the second half offensive surge giving the Buffs the victory.

Updated for the Arizona Game: In the shootout the team that gets one more stop wins. Arizona had just 1 drive gain less than 70% of the potential yardage, while the Buffs had 4. This one was brutal on defense, but at least the offense moved the ball well all game.

Updated for the UCLA Game. Close Games mean mistakes cost us here. We moved the ball well, but did give up a lot of field position as well

ASU CU 22 6 7.7 Punt
CU ASU 21 62 78.5 Field Goal
ASU CU 25 24 32.0 Punt
CU ASU 12 7 8.0 Punt
ASU CU 37 36 57.1 Field Goal-Missed
CU ASU 27 73 100.0 Touchdown
ASU CU 15 34 40.0 Downs
CU ASU 51 21 42.9 Downs
ASU CU 28 72 100.0 Touchdown
CU ASU 25 24 32.0 Punt
ASU CU 13 2 2.3 Punt
CU ASU 49 51 100.0 Touchdown
ASU CU 23 77 100.0 Touchdown
ASU CU 63 0 0.0 Field Goal-Missed
CU ASU 25 7 9.3 Punt
ASU CU 1 5 5.1 Punt
CU ASU 61 3 7.7 Field Goal
ASU CU 25 59 78.7 Field Goal
CU ASU 31 69 100.0 Touchdown
ASU CU 23 7 9.1 Punt
CU ASU 30 -1 -1.4 Punt
ASU CU 5 76 80.0 Field Goal
CU ASU 25 10 13.3 Punt
ASU CU 60 40 100.0 Touchdown
CU ASU 25 64 85.3 Field Goal
ASU CU 25 75 100.0 Touchdown
CU ASU 25 20 26.7 Punt
ASU CU 15 85 100.0 Touchdown
CU ASU 25 34 45.3 Interception

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