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Introducing the Ralphie Report Instagram Account

We have an Instagram account! It’s @RalphieReport!

Utah v Colorado Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

As you may have noticed, social media has the tendency to dominate modern life. Love it, hate it, embrace it — it doesn’t matter because media are everywhere and there’s nowhere you can run to escape it.

Sports media as a whole has seemed to embrace social media, and though its main addicting qualities, instant gratification and short attention span pandering, contribute to a gradual degradation of journalism, Ralphie Report has decided to embrace the tidal wave of meaningless information. That’s right, Ralphie Report now has an Instagram account!

The account’s handle is @RalphieReport (same as the Twitter account) and you can access our profile here.

Just a warning, our editor, Jon Woods, has given me, Sam Metivier, primary reign of the account and he’s allowing me to build it in my voice. So, more likely than not, the Ralphie Report Instagram will be petty, snarky and weird.

Hey there.

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It’s definitely going to be weird.