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Derrick White Impressed at Summer League

The Spurs rookie looks ready for NBA minutes.

NBA: Summer League-San Antonion Spurs at Portland Trail Blazers Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Derrick White looks to be in good shape with the San Antonio Spurs. White’s solid play in the NBA Summer League showed that he is well on his way to playing significant minutes with the Spurs.

In his six games with the Spurs across the Salt Lake City and Las Vegas leagues, White averaged a healthy 15 points on 24 minutes per game. He was one of the Spurs highest priority players for developmental time, so they ran their offense with him at both guard spots. White struggled some with his shot, but he certainly passed the eye test. White is known for his high basketball IQ and that was on full display. With or without the ball, White always looks for the best shot, the smartest pass and the headiest cut.

Derrick White’s offensive game plays off of his shooting ability, and though he shot below 30% from three in the Summer League, his shot looked smooth and his misses were always close. If his shot develops as expected, plays like these — White attacking a closeout and making an incredible pass — should be an everyday occasion for White, just as they were when he was at CU:

Going into the draft, there was concern that because White isn’t the biggest or most athletic, he should struggle to finish inside. Those doubts certainly have weight, but White is crafty and flexible enough to create clean shots inside. If he grows stronger, this too could be the norm:

Derrick White has already officially signed on with the Spurs, so he’s going to be on their roster ready to play. With the injuries and roster turnover going on with the Spurs, White has put himself in position to see significant minutes in the NBA this season. He’ll continue fighting for his spot in the rotation when the Spurs start pre-season play in October. Until then, White will continue improving each and every day, just as he did at Colorado.