How I came to Love the Buffaloes

I write this fan post, and I can still remember clearly that day, what we were doing, my parents living room in Arvada. It was September 4th, 1989. I was a junior at Arvada West, and we were having a Labor Day BBQ. Some family and friends came over, and one of my friends had a brother that attended CU. The father asked if we could turn on the CU game. Now lets all reflect in what Denver was, and to an extent still is. Its a Bronco's town, thats it, nothing more., no Avalanche, no Rockies.

Now I had heard about Sal Aunese, But these were the Buffaloes, a football team so far in the gutter that no one watched, even though they had a decent year in 1988. So back to that game, I remember sitting on the couch, being a nice guest, waiting for Texas to kick off the ball and thinking, " Texas is going to murder this team". Colorado has a sick QB, their back up Darian Hagan is well....I am bigger than Hagan! Texas kicked off and we muff the kick and it rolls out of the end zone, on first down, Bieniemy takes an off tackle run for two yards. On 2 and 8, 30 seconds into the game, 30 seconds into a season that will live in the memories of millions, 30 seconds that made me a fan for life. Not only a fan, but I die hard fan that would prefer to watch a CU game over a Bronco game. That 2nd and 8 play, Hagan takes the snap, fake options to Bieniemy, keeps the ball and runs for 74 yards. Not only did Hagan run, he made a very good Texas team look extremely slow. I remember jumping up off the couch and staring at the TV in wonder, seeing this guy from California, that looked 170 pounds soaking wet, sprint past defenders like they were standing still. I have never missed a CU game since.

This past season my sons Cory and Ryan, and daughter Lauren watched games all year long. Enjoying the RISE of a downtrodden team that most people had forgotten. I got to see their joy, and remembering mine 27 years prior of what made me a fan of CU. We live in Tucson, and I made sure we had sideling ticket for the Arizona game in Tucson. We had an amazing evening cheering the team on, interacting with the players on the sideline, and joining the families and fans of players after the game to sing the fight song. For me it WAS the best day I could ever remember watching a CU game.


Sean Patton

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