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Colorado Board of Regents meeting next week to discuss Tumpkin Investigation

The ongoing saga between Mike MacIntyre and the CU Board of Regents should be over soon, but will it have lasting consequences?

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The CU Board of Regents have scheduled a closed-door meeting on Monday to discuss the external investigation into the athletic department’s handling of domestic violence allegations against former assistant coach Joe Tumpkin. All stemming from a Sports Illustrated article published on February 3 and likely the end to three months of speculation with a decision on coach Mike MacIntyre’s extension.

Michael McKnight’s “Seeking justice for alleged abuse, victim of Colorado assistant confronts big-time college football”, was co-authored by Tumpkin’s ex-girlfriend and directed a narrative that MacIntyre and CU failed to act quick enough. McKnight’s timeline of interactions started with an initial Facebook message between Tumpkin’s ex (“Jane”) and Trisha MacIntyre (Mike’s wife) on December 9, along with a phone conversation between Jane and coach the following day.

Mac was said to be “numb” and “had never had a situation like this come up before and he wasn’t exactly sure what to do.” MacIntyre reported the allegations to AD Rick George, who went forward to Chancellor Phil Distefano. A misstep in the process by MacIntyre, George & Distefano was not informing the OIEC (Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance), a requirement according to university policy.

The Regent’s meeting could go down one of two ways. It wasn’t that long ago another coach was scrutinized for a situation beyond his control. Gary Barnett stood by his decisions and it ultimately cost him the job in Boulder. As for the MacIntyre’s contract extension, there’s clear differences, but yet comparable circumstances.

The timeline to watch

A meeting with the CU Board of Regents is scheduled, but an external investigation is still being finalized. The Boulder Daily Camera reported last week the decision from the CU Board of Regents was “really close” to being complete. A vote for MacIntyre’s extension will occur after the investigation concludes within the month.

Tumpkin awaits a preliminary hearing on June 22 to determine if there’s enough evidence to proceed to trial. If convicted on all counts of second-degree assault, he could face between 20-60 years in jail.