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Wanted: An 1,100 pound Buffalo available for a wedding

How one man’s tweet to the University of Colorado might secure a bucket list item.

NCAA Football: Washington State at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Asking for things on Twitter is becoming quite the trend. Two weeks ago, a Nevada teen named Carter Wilkerson asked fast food giant Wendy’s how many retweets it would take for a year’s worth of free chicken nuggets.

Wendy’s response? 18 Million.

Since then, Wilkerson’s tweet has garnered almost 3.2 Million retweets, nearly breaking Ellen DeGeneres’ 2014 Oscars photo for the most popular tweet of all time.

Now a diehard Colorado Buffaloes fan is asking for Ralphie, Colorado’s live 1,000-pound mascot to attend his wedding. The University of Colorado’s response? 1 Million retweets.

Ralphie has attended a lot of events in the past 50 years, like a bowl game vacation in Hawaii, but has never been involved in a couple’s nuptials. Let’s hope a destination wedding isn’t being planned, otherwise Ralphie might be attending in spirit. Transporting the massive animal is an extensive process for her handlers. CU had to obtain permits from the USDA and the Department of Transportation to cross state lines for last December’s Alamo Bowl.

The only question if Wyn Roth (@Wyntheday) gets to one million would be how will Ralphie be attending the ceremony? Will his bride, Heather Swift and her father be walking down the aisle accompanied by her majesty? Or will Wyn and Heather be running shoulder to shoulder with Ralphie to the getaway car following the vows? Let’s just hope there’s no buffalo kisses...

Help support the future Mr. and Mrs. Roth and see how epic this will be. Maybe the Buffs can host the event during halftime of the Rocky Mountain Showdown at Mile High Stadium.

Good Luck, Wyn & Heather.