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In their own words: The Heisman finalists’ journey through the 2017 college football season

Mayfield, Jackson, Love are headed to New York City.

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-Features Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

How could this year’s college football season be more exciting? A returning Heisman winner, the polarizing quarterback with a warrior’s heart, and a running back who rose above a crop that showed the position is as good as it’s been in a long time. The candidates aren’t perfect, but they’ve provided numerous Saturday’s full of entertainment value. And most, if not all, are likely to be remembered for years to come. Don’t blink and enjoy the ride.

The Colorado Buffaloes season is over so, while we’ll be spending plenty of time soon breaking down what when wrong this season and what’s to come next, we decided to first spend some time breaking down the best players in the nation.

We’ll be posting a story on each finalist (with a Barry Switzer stand-in for Baker Mayfield) as we lead up to the trophy announcement on Saturday. Enjoy!