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Colorado Buffaloes caught in the dark side of the internet

We’re so glad that this guy is stopped.

NCAA Football: California at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this is an awful headline for the Colorado Buffaloes:

As reported by, this man, Ronald Eric Bolduan, was involved in a sickeningly large scheme to extort and blackmail young women. Bolduan blackmailed these women with photoshopped images stolen from their Instagram accounts. Colorado cross-country athletes were three of 50 victims in the case. This story is horrendous in every way:

Federal investigators say Bolduan distributed the altered photos online, where they appeared on several pornographic websites.

The alleged harassment and threats started sometime around November 2015, when twin sisters from Colorado started receiving photos of nude women that were mixed in with images of the actual women. The photo galleries were labeled with the victims’ names, insinuating the nude photos were also of the same women, according to a criminal complaint for Bolduan’s arrest.

It got worse from there and we don’t want to write what else happened, but you can read that here if you really want to.

We truly feel awful for the athletes involved and we are so happy that they weren’t hurt or didn’t give in to the blackmail charges. The power of these women to stay strong can’t be commended enough.

As far as what will happen to the perpetrator, Bolduan has been charged with federal harassment charges. This isn’t Bolduan’s first time being charged with sexual crimes. It’s a great thing that this awful person got caught and is behind bars. Hopefully he will stay there for a long time and his victims will get the justice they deserve.