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ShaDon Brown becoming next Buffaloes Defensive Backs Coach

The Army defensive backs coach looks to be headed to Boulder

After losing Charles Clark and Jim Leavitt in December, Coach MacIntyre and the Buffaloes look to have completed their retooled defensive staff by signing ShaDon Brown to coach cornerbacks. While it hasn’t been announced by the University, Brown has already updated his social media profiles and should help put a bow on this class.

ShaDon is a relatively unknown name to Buff fans, unless they are simultaneously also huge fans of Army. The Black Knights enjoyed a renaissance season of their own this year, going to a bowl game for the first time in years, largely on the back of their stellar defense. Led by Jay Bateman, the defense ran an aggressive 3-4 that capitalized on turnovers, largely caused by ShaDon Brown’s unit, the secondary. As a team, Army was 4th in the country in raw passing yards allowed, though that number may be deflated due to the slow offense Army runs. They were also 11th in the country in interceptions, a great sign that ShaDon Brown knows what he’s talking about.

In terms of advanced stats, the picture painted is still optimistic. The defensive back havoc rate was 40th in the country, and interestingly enough, the most favorable advanced stat was limiting explosive plays, coming in at 37th. Overall pass defense effectiveness was ranked at 84th in the country, though looking at the defensive line and their advanced statistics, the lack of a pass rush and the selling out to stop the run certainly didn’t help.

Welcome, Mr. Brown!