Coach Mac is coming back

Coach Mac started the season on a bit of a hot seat, but he has already made a very strong case for why he definitely should be back for years to come. No, it's not the fact that the team is 2-0 and off to its best start in years, winning its first two games by a combined 100-14. The season is just beginning and MICH, OR, USC, and STAN await. Some sort of let down is inevitable, although a bowl game appears more possible now than in years.

Instead, Mac deserves to come back based on HOW he goes about his business. He is a winner. He does things the right way. It's only a matter of time until the wins pile up. Stay the course.

Who else could have done a better job with the hand Mac was initially dealt? Mac started with the worst D-1 team but he has slowly but surely transformed the culture despite all the obstacles, and there were many. The cultural sea change has taken place ahead of the wins, but the wins will surely follow because the foundation is solid. Hats off too our incredible D-coordinator as well. Buff Nation is in great hands.

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