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Top-100 Basketball Recruit D’Shawn Schwartz Commits to Buffs

Tad Boyle has landed his second recruit of the day

NCAA Basketball: California at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Immediately after securing the commitment of Tyler Bey, Tad Boyle has landed another one. This time it’s Top-100 recruit D’Shawn Schwartz of Sand Creek High School in Colorado Springs.

Schwartz is a 6’7, 220-pound man-child who plays on the wing. Schwartz isn’t the most athletic player, but he’s a do-it-all type with enough skill and size to contribute early and often in his college career. Of course, his being left-handed adds an extra layer of offensive creativity. His skill and exceptional feel for the game make him the perfect wing for Tad Boyle.

It’s almost like Xavier Johnson will graduate and come back as a Freshman.

Schwartz’s commitment to the Buffs was foretold long ago, as his other visits (which were cancelled earlier Saturday morning) were seemingly more see-what’s-out-there-just-in-case than otherwise. His commitment video is nothing but hair-raising.

Schwartz is ranked as a Top-100 recruit by Rivals (No. 64), 247Sports (75) and ESPN (79).

Schwartz should be ranked much higher on those sites considering how many puns his name provides and how glorious of a nickname "D’Schwartz" will be. Also, the earlier commitment of Tyler Bey allows this phrase to arise whenever the two team up for a score: "May the Schwartz Bey with you."

(If you use those puns, I will sue you for plagiarism.)