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Jon Embree Featured on HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel

Former CU coach makes an impact in the life of Chancellor Lee Adams, son of Rae Carruth

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Chancellor Lee Adams was never suppose to be born into this world and if it was his father's decision, he would have met the same fate as his mother. 16 years ago, Cherica Adams was driving on a Charlotte, NC road when she was tragically gunned down. The act was orchestrated by her boyfriend, former CU alum & NFL wide receiver, Rae Carruth.

Adams was eight months pregnant and died shortly after the attack, but Chancellor defied the odds to survive. Now almost seventeen years later, Adams has endured a miracle journey that has left him crippled with cerebral palsy. Despite the setbacks in life, the teenager hasn't lost his spirit and has since found a new role model.

Outside of his responsibilities as the tight end coach for the Tampa Bay Bucs, Jon Embree has devoted the past four years to mentoring the physically challenged Adams, attempting to give him a life that his father never intended. Embree was an assistant at Colorado during Carruth's college years and felt being a part of Chancellor's life was important to him.

HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel revisits the events of 16 years ago in tonight's episode title: The Son Rises.

The hour long episode airs exclusively on HBO at 11 p.m. Eastern/Pacific. Check your local listing or the HBO GO app for smartphones and tablets. Join the conversation during the show on Twitter at @RealSportsHBO or #RealSports.

Carruth is scheduled to be released from a North Carolina prison on October 22, 2018.