Quick Intro & a Couple of Questions

Hey guys, I just wanted to ask a couple of questions related to Colorado football because I'm new to the Denver area, a huge college football fan, and plan on attending at least a couple of games this fall. A little background about me: I'm from the Boston area but am a Clemson grad...since Colorado & Clemson don't cross paths very often in sports (I don't think they've ever played against one another in football) I don't feel bad about giving the Buffs some love now that I'm living here. I'm new to Colorado, but my family has had a life-long connection to the Denver area, so I've always had a soft spot for CU and the Broncos. Anyway, enough about that...

I know things aren't quite what they were in the Kordell Stewart days, but I think Colorado has the potential to be a solid program. Being in the Pac-12--especially the Pac-12 South--certainly doesn't make things easy, but what are your expectations of the program now & in the future? I saw you guys picked up a couple of 2017 4-star receivers, but how has recruiting been overall the past couple of years? I see you guys have one of the best rates of returning starters this season, which is great...who are some players I should keep an eye on? Is there a breakout player you expect to make waves this season? What is a reasonable record expectation for this season?

Aside from the team itself, what are some cool traditions I can expect to see at a game in Boulder? Is there any specific game which is a "must see"? I already plan on hitting up the game vs Colorado State this fall, especially since I'm currently living about 10 minutes from Mile High....but is there any Pac-12 opponent who you guys have created an early rivalry with?

Thanks for any & all information you can give me. I look forward to seeing some games this fall...Go Buffs!

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