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Evan Battey is Officially a Buff!

The superfun center from Cali is coming to Boulder!

NCAA Basketball: California at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Battey danced his way into Buffaloes fan’s hearts. I mean, look at his feet:

Battey is one of the most unique prospects in the country and definitely one of the most unique recruits in Tad Boyle’s tenure. As crack writer Sam Metivier mentioned in his commitment article, Evan Battey’s game is fun, first and foremost. It’s just a joy to watch. But if you had to search for adjectives after fun to describe it, the variety of words used would be telling. Battey’s game is silky-smooth, but also supremely physical. He is a great individual defender and has mastered the outlet pass. He can shoot, dribble, post up, and screen with the best of them. All of these skills are tacked on like armor to his 6’7, 270 pound frame. Here are his most recent highlights:

His hook shot over the left shoulder is lethal, and he shows pretty much every way to score in that video. And this is a high school senior. Get him to Boulder, put him in a college weight program, and watch him explode. Big men always take a little more time to develop, but Battey is developed as they come on the offensive side. Remember Big Baby Davis in college? Or for a Pac-12 comparison, Ryan Anderson of Arizona (for a year)? Battey will somehow grab every offensive rebound, score over both shoulders and on the arc, and dance his way to the top.

Welcome, Evan!