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D’Shawn Schwartz is Officially a Buff

The local blue-chipper joins Tad Boyle’s program

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Des Moines Practice Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

A local, highly-rated prospect from Colorado Springs eschews big time offers and commits to Tad Boyle and his program. No, this isn’t Josh Scott, nor is it Wesley Gordon. This is D’Shawn Schwartz. While similar to Scott and Gordon, Schwartz is blazing his own trail. He is not joining a rebuilding program, he is walking off the elevator on the 10th floor and trying to take it to the top. He doesn’t have to put “Colorado basketball on the map”, as Scott did and Chauncey Billups before him, Schwartz just has to play ball. And he does it very well.

In our previous article, Ralphie Report touched on what makes him so great. Schwartz plays a mature game with great feel and skill. But it’s not like he can’t just throw down on you either. D’Shawn has the combination of skill, physical maturity, and athleticism befitting of a recruit as highly rated as him. Here are his most recent highlights, with the latter half of the video showing his tape against the best of the best in 2017:

I love the controlled his aggression. Schwartz picks his spots with ease and knows where and how he can score. He also has elite body control that is compounded by him being a grown ass man at 18. He should be able to impact the team immediately on both ends, and if he sticks with Tad Boyle long enough, turn into an all-conference wing.

Welcome, D’Shawn!