The List: What needs to happen for the Buffs to make the CFP

Ralphie Report,

This is not a drill. It is November 2016 and the Colorado Buffaloes have a legitimate shot at making the college football playoff. A slim chance, albeit, but a legitimate shot nonetheless. So, I have started what I believe to be the list of all the things that need to fall into place for the Buffs to clinch a spot in the CFP. Please add to it if I missed something, and add your thoughts/comments as well.

The List:

1) First and foremost, the Buffs must win every game remaining on their schedule. Going 4-0 will put them in the Pac 12 Championship game, which leads us to #2:

2) Win the Pac 12 Championship (ideally against an undefeated Washington squad)

3) Alabama wins out

4) Michigan wins out

5) Clemson wins out

Those three teams are all currently undefeated, and can do more good for the Buffs by knocking off other teams with losses than they would do by losing, since they'd probably have to lose twice or more for the Buffs to jump them in the CFP rankings

6) Ohio St. beats nebraskuh (11/5)

nebrakuh gets 2 losses, and presumably does not win the Big 10 West on a tiebreak with Wisconsin.

7) 2-loss Wisconsin wins the Big 10 West and loses in the Big 10 championship to Michigan (and loses badly)

The Buffs will need to pass Wiscy in the CFP rankings

8) Louisville loses to Houston (11/17)

A 2-loss Louisville would need to fall in the CFP rankings, below CU

9) Texas A&M loses again (11/24 to LSU)

A 2-loss Texas A&M would need to fall in the CFP rankings, below CU

10) Ohio St. loses to Michigan (11/26) badly

A 2-loss Ohio St. would need to fall in the CFP rankings, below CU.

The 4 teams with 2 losses that CU would need to pass would likely be nebraskuh, Louisville, A&M and Ohio St. Assuming none of these teams are conference champions, or even division champions, would help CU.

11) Florida loses to LSU (11/19), but still wins the SEC East

Florida picks up loss #2 to LSU, #3 to Alabama in the SEC Championship.

12) Auburn picks up loss #3 to Alabama (11/26)

13) Oklahoma picks up loss #3 to W. Virignia (11/19)

14) Baylor picks up loss #2 to either TCU (11/5) or W. Virginia (12/3)

15) W. Virginia picks up loss #2 @ Texas (11/12)

The bottom line is we want chaos in the Big 12. Since they don't have a championship game this year, that helps, but any sort of 3-way tie atop the standings among 2-loss teams should be could enough to vault the Buffs past the Big 12.

16) LSU loses to Alabama (11/5)

17) CU passes W. Michigan in the CFP rankings (We'll see where we shake out tonight)

18) UNC picks up loss #3 at some point (@ Duke 11/10, ACC Championship)

19) CU passes 3-loss Florida St. in the CFP rankings

So there you go. Just 19 things that need to happen in the next 4 weeks. It might just be a one in a million chance, but


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