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Be ready for UCLA with our new Blackout Buffaloes t-shirts

This is the first of a new line of Ralphie Report shirts that are launching.

The Rise is real, it's happening and it's only going higher. Yet, we're still stuck with the same ole merchandise to celebrate and represent the Buffaloes with. I want some bad ass Buffs t-shirts, dammit, and I want them now.

Well, sometimes when you want something done right you have to do it yourself.

Today we're launching a new Ralphie Report merchandise line with the first of a number of shirts (and some other surprises) that we'll be unveiling very soon.

First up, and just in time for Thursday night's black out game against UCLA, are the "Black Out in Boulder" shirts. They're all you need to black out Folsom (or your couch) as the Buffs roll over the Bruins and keep climbing towards a South Division championship.

Black Out Shirt

Now here's the important details... in order to have them to wear them to the game on Friday you'll need to have your order placed by Sunday night. They MIGHT arrive on time if you order on Monday but you'd be pressing your luck. Save on shipping by ordering a bunch for a group and have everyone Venmo you the cash. Or just order a bunch for yourself because these shirts are awesome.

See you on Thursday, be prepared to Black Out. Get em here: Black Out in Boulder