Rick George Texas MLB Tour

Last weekend Rick George made a couple stops in Texas (Houston & DFW) to meet Alumni and discuss the progress of the athletics facilities as well as the "Sustainable Excellence Initiative". I am in Houston, and the local Alumni Association had a small space reserved in the club-level of Minute Maid Park. Complimentary club-level Astros tickets were also included. It was a nice gesture, and I hope to see more fo these kinds of events.

There was also a similiar event held at the Rangers game on Saturday night. Did anybody make it to the event? I am curious if he has been doing these kinds of events on the West Coast as well.

I came away pretty impressed with Rick, he seems to have a solid vision of success in Boulder. He was not shy in expressing what he thinks needs to be done to achieve his vision. He was also very vocal about the need for CU to recruit Texas heavily, which I was very encouraged to hear.

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