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Colorado Football: The New Uniforms are Here

Get pumped.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Today was an exciting day for Buff fans everywhere. The uniforms that fans will see for thirteen straight weeks this fall were revealed, and THEY LOOK FANTASTIC. I recently put out an article ranking the different looks for the Buffs from the 1980's onward, and these belong near the top of that list.

Hearkening back to the undisputed number one look, the Barnett era uniforms, the stripes on the sleeves were done away with, being replaced by trim around the end of the jerseys that look great. They unveiled two new helmets, of the white and "gunmetal" silver variety, with many proclaiming the silver as the best of the helmets already (I'm partial to the white). The numbers have a "flatiron" feel to them, according to JT Galloway, and the trim around the numbers look great in all of the iterations of the jersey really enhances the look. Nike seemingly brought back the Colorado font, bringing back the slight slant in the name of the team that the school made famous.

The one negative that was easy to notice is sure to give the Buff faithful a heart attack. It seems like in all this time, the gold helmet still does not match the gold pants, though that may have been the lighting. Long story short, CU knocked this out of the park, from the buildup to the garage sale (it was a zoo) to the field day, which helped heighten the atmosphere. I have a few pictures of myself up close with the uniforms. This article is your one-stop shop for all uniform media. I think these unis are clean, strong, and big. What do you think of the new Buffalo look?

Here is a nice personal shot of the back of the white jersey, a nice look at the nameplate.

That is me on the right, smiling like a toddler, and in the middle is Nembot, who looks way less than pleased. Here come the professional shots.

Even the CSU beat writer voiced his approval, though if you look through his mentions, his fans say otherwise.

Once again, let me know what you think of the new unis in the comments below.