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NCAA Tournament 2015: Bracket, TV schedule and live streaming for Sunday's Elite 8 games

Two games down, two to go before the Final Four is set.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, the Spartans will take on No. 4 Louisville, while No. 1 Duke will take on No. 2 Gonzaga, a team that hasn't lost a game in over a month. In each of Louisville's games, they have been the higher seed, and they've won every time, while Michigan State has been the underdog in their last two. Duke, meanwhile, beat their first two opponents in the tournament by 19 points or more, while Gonzaga has outscored each of their opponents by at least 10. Two teams will continue their tournament runs, and two will be sent home. Don't miss out.

No. 7 Michigan St vs No. 4 Louisville

Channel: CBS (10/1010 Time Warner Columbus/Delaware)

Time: 2:20 P.M. ET

No. 2 Gonzaga vs No. 1 Duke

Channel: CBS

Time: 5:05 P.M. ET

Since both games are on CBS, anybody can stream them for free on March Madness Live. After tonight, we'll all have until Saturday to prepare for the Final Four.