Our Players Need To Represent In the East/ West Shrine Game

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This is pretty much a tradition. Every player shows up with helmet in hand and stickers to trade. That's why the helmets end up looking like a big pile of ugly featuring the helmet stickers of all the other players in the game. It looks like hell, but it's also really, really fun. That's the entire basis for this article right here. These kinds of events are fun, for the players, and for the fans. It's a sense of community.

What is the point of sending our players to these events without our helmet stickers to trade? This is a question for our athletic department, and for our sports information department, and for our coaching staff. Are you ashamed of our program? Of our brand? Of our athletes? Because there is no other excuse for not giving our players the opportunity to extend friendship with their teammates. There is no excuse for not giving our players to put out- on national TV, that we have athletes worthy of the game.

Is it money? Because I'm here to tell you right now that I will buy the stickers and spend the cost to overnight these stickers to our players, so that they get the chance to show pride to do the above. They are seniors, and they deserve the opportunity to show pride in our program. No- you owe it to them, and to us, the fans and alumni who will be watching, hoping to see a CU log, and instead see a few outlines of Ralphie covered up by a bunch of other schools' logos if our players can find a way to trade for them. That is pathetic. It is up to you. Give me the opportunity, and I will do it right now. My email is phillip.r.fraser @ gmail.

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