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Will the Colorado facilities upgrades be the start of something bigger?

Looking at some other angles on the recently begun CU facilities project.

If you are on this site, then you have seen the reports. The facilities project is underway. The metaphorical demons are off CU's back, the stars are aligned, and I'm assuming, though it hasn't been confirmed, that Firefly is being brought back. People have already covered the basics of this project, the timeframe (August 2015 is the targeted completion date) and the cost (143 million), but I would like to talk about the less discussed outcomes. Yes it raises our profile and yes, it allows to compete with the rest of the PAC 12, but there are other ramifications that we must discuss.

Unquestioned Dominance of Colorado

CSU is building an on-campus stadium (hopefully), and despite their best efforts, this stadium still won't bring them near CU's echelon. These facilities ensure that the University of Colorado will continue to be Colorado's university by a large margin. The top destination for Colorado high schoolers should be CU and for a while there it wasn't, as we lost many top prospects to KSU, ASU, and unfortunately, Nebraska. However, this has started to turn. The rare in-state, blue-chip, barrel-chested (three hyphens, new record) recruit, Tim Lynott, had a two hour meeting with Coach Mac on the 13th, which can only bode well for the program. CU is very much in play for this borderline 4-star, and obtaining him for the class of 2015 would do wonders to show in-state dominance.

Future Renovations

Color me impressed by the fundraising efforts of Rick George. He shattered CU records for money raised, despite not reaching his initial goal. The Board of Regents already gave him a vote of confidence by allowing him to go ahead with the project, but the successful start and completion of these upgrades will give George the proverbial green light. He will be the Askia (when he's hot) of projects, and will not stop with the facilities. Folsom is next, as the dilapidated stadium needs a facelift, and after that, who knows? I believe that this project being successful will allow the Regents to believe that future projects can be and will be beneficial to the athletic department, the university and the Boulder community.

The new facilities groundbreaking is a milestone for CU in more ways than one, and is certainly a victory for the football program. I predict, boldly, I might add, that Sheriron Jones becomes a Buff, despite the offers from Tennessee and Florida. That is what we are capable of and what Coach Mac should be able to pull off. Go Buffs.