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Buff Bites: Will new facilities in Boulder lead to more wins?

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Colorado_mediumBuffs Football!

Ringo: CU made right move hiring George - Buffzone

Bohn raised money at historic levels but George has raised the bar to a level it has never been when it comes to fundraising. And raising money for the department has been the single most important issue for the Buffs for several years now since everyone in the CU leadership collectively decided to put the department into debt by switching conferences.

Memo To Buffs: It’s Time " CU At the Game - A CU Football blog by Stuart Whitehair

The thing is, the rationalizations we used back then – the excuses we used to justify the losing streak – no longer apply. The CU administration is showing new resolve in putting a winner on the field, and it’s time to take advantage. It’s time to start winning again.

CU athletic director: Boulder's business community will benefit from $143M facilities project - Buffzone

According to plans, one of those clubs — at 9,900 square feet — would be among the biggest meeting spaces in Boulder and could attract larger events that are now hosted outside city limits, tourism officials say. "We watch retail bleed and hotel bleed (from the city of Boulder), and I think the region has become stronger in business travel and group travel," said Mary Ann Mahoney, executive director of the Boulder Convention & Visitors Bureau. "But there are always a lot of national groups that we haven't been able to reach."

Pac-12 college football mailbag: Next big thing? - ESPN

Part of that nonanswer is only Utah, Colorado and California could qualify as "down" after the 2013 season. Everyone else seemed to be maintaining a solid status or trending up.

Stephens: CSU should start Heisman campaign for QB Grayson - What in the sam hell is this guy talking about?

Colorado_mediumBuffs Basketball!

The Rumblings of a Deranged Buffalo: Monday Grab Bag: Hey, who left this scholarship just laying around?

Last week was deservedly spent honoring the collegiate accomplishments of Spencer Dinwiddie.  Now, however, it's important to turn our collective attention to the stark reality of the future.  With the departure of Spencer, the Buffs have an open scholarship to fill, as Colorado is currently using only 12 of their allotted 13 scholarships (One senior, four juniors, five sophomores, plus the two incoming freshmen).  While Dinwiddie's importance was always outsized, his roster space was ever only 1/13th.  How CU goes about filling that void will go along way to determining the path of the program.

College basketball early-entry winners and losers - ESPN - Interesting that the Buffs aren't listed. Kind of annoying as well.