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Buffaloes prepare for the RMLC Championships

After a tough regular season, the CU Buffs have emerged as the conference champions.

that's not our helmet any more
that's not our helmet any more

It took a tough effort against Colorado State, our arch rivals, in Whatever The Hell Mile High Stadium Is Called now, but we got the monkey off the back, emerging victorious at 9-6. I'm not going to recap the game, so I'll just leave you with this dude getting enormously shook:

CSU managed to come back, but we were the better team. As proven by that. Colorado now moves on to the RMLC championships in Grand Junction. You can see the bracket here:


We will be the top seed, but there are tough games. We could face Westminster, who we beat only 12-9 at home, and BYU or Colorado State again. There are no easy games in the RMLC.

From there we move on to the MCLA National Championships in Irvine, CA. Anything can happen. We're ranked #2 in the country, and I expect to get that seed regardless of what happens in the RMLC tournament, but we tend to play down to our opponents early, which could be a problem. As always, follow @CUMensLacrosse on twitter, or @Phyltopia if you want a bunch of crap tweets. Or hell, just watch the game to get hyped:

Colorado hadn't won since 2009. They beat us 3 times last year- our only 3 losses of the year. This is our year. Be a part of it.