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Ralphie Report Field Trip - Back To Boulder

So I guess it's only a road trip if you, like me, are from Los Angeles. But on this trip I took in the Women's D1 NCAA lacrosse team, the CU spring game, and of course, 2 CU men's lacrosse games, because those are the best.

Love to see this
Love to see this

I started off with a hearty lunch with several of the CU Twiterazzi All Stars, including the Don of the Ralphie Report, Jon Woods at the Blake Street Tavern downtown. From there, via RTD I made it to Boulder and took in the women's D1 team play USC, amid a who's who of Colorado bright lights. Rick George, me, Ceal Barry, Linda Lappe, my brother, Tad Boyle, and Josh Scott were all in attendance. Scott was wearing a CU lacrosse tee shirt and Boyle has a very cool CU Buffs belt.

It was a great game. I don't pretend to understand women's lacrosse, even after 6 or so years of watching it at various times. They seem to get penalties for dirty looks and getting in the other team's way, whereas the men can take a baseball swing at your arm with a long metal pole, so long as you can conceivably say you were aiming for the ball. The game was back and forth, and eventually went into overtime, which consists of 2 three minute periods. We came out on top due to a goal at the buzzer of the second overtime. Thrilling! CU 12 - USC 11.

Then came the nightcap, with your Red Hot Buffs taking on the Griffins of Westminster College, a small school from Salt Lake City that is a member of the NAIA, looking to move up to NCAA D2, and thus has scholarship players. Frankly, I expected to do better. I thought that they would score, but I didn't think that they could stop us from scoring so well. But they did. And they had a couple of mooses (moose? Meese?) who weren't very good but could mess a guy up. At one point, one of them just pushed the goal over to prevent a goal. Just - BOOP, and the goal is tipped over. These are not light goals. They gave possession to the Griffins after that for a reason. I learned later that it was for "alternate possessions." I started a shout to tell our guys to "just knock the goal over." I found out later was "alternating possession," which is crap. Anyway, we won 12-9, so tough luck, Westminster Griffins. So your Red Hot Buffs are on to the next one.

Next up came the women's club lacrosse game, at a start time of 9 PM. I'll be honest- I didn't watch this. But I hear we won. Go Buffs!

After that came the rising dawn and the anticipation of the spring football game. I let that go by the wayside and I kept sleeping in. Eventually I got up and met up with Ralphie Report commenter Buff Em Up. you can read my thoughts on the game on other posts.

After that came further drinks with Buff Em Up and then a trip to the lacrosse tailgate in the lot between the bubble and Folsom, and our parents just wrecked it. It was a last minute tailgate and everyone basically basically brought enough food and drinks for everyone. We had a good time, and even had celebrity coach Marty Taffett swing by with his fancy Starbucks drink.

But that isn't important. The game is important, this time in Folsom Field. And the second game did not start off well. LSM Hayden McClain started off the scoring (long poles rule). Riley Seidell scored two goals, but we ended the half 12-10. That is not acceptable for a team with national championship aspirations against a team featuring a goalie whose name got drawn out of a hat. This was his second game after their regular goalie quit. From there, Seidell scored several more more times, Stoll scored, others scored, and Fraser grabbed a ground ball and also got killed on that ground ball by a guy who was cheating, which lead to a CU goal (it's my article, so I can do that. Suck it). Bottom line: after the half, CU pulled away. Final score 26-14, with Seidell scoring many goals. Thanks for coming out to the post game tail gate, for all the parents, fans, players, and Nina.

After that, the women's D1 team won again in overtime on Sunday against San Diego State in the snow, in sudden death overtime. It was a great weekend for all of CU lacrosse. You can read full, competent game recaps here

Next up is the season finale on Saturday the 19th against Colorado State, at Whatever The Hell Mile High Is Called Now Stadium. We only lost three games last year- all of them to Colorado State. So not only is this a rivalry game, it is also an important revenge game. I've got a few tickets for anyone who wants to go. The tickets are otherwise $10 at or $12 at the door. Get your tickets early, because I'm told that they will sell out (ed. note: Phil was not told that) But hit me if you want to go and cheer for dear old CU at phillip DOT r DOT fraser of the gmail variety. Good luck to the guys, and remember- "Do less. Do something, but do less." Go Buffs!