Pouring One Out For The Homey

Today we lose a good one, as fellow CU writer (and Mullen alum) William Whelan moves on from and on to a new life, back in his native Bay Area as a coach for the Oakland Soldiers AAU program. Honestly, Will always seemed more like a coach than an analyst, and I know he used to work camps featuring elite local players. But that won't change the fact that the Buffs basketball community is now bereft of a great asset and a trusted friend.

Although I didn't initially care for him due to the stigma attached to his former employer, I came to trust him as an analyst and adviser, and came to truly respect his dogged hard work, diligence, and basketball knowledge that makes Buff Stampede a truly invaluable resource.

My favorite Whelan moment- after the Kansas game I introduced a drunk friend of a friend to him. The friend said, "I follow a William_Whelan on twitter." Will looked at his phone and said, "yep, that's me."

Will knows basketball. He knows Colorado basketball. And that cannot be easily replicated. Ryan Koenigsberg nominally grabs the baton, but Ryan should not be expected to replicate what Will did, just as whoever eventually replaces Ryan should not be expected to replace Ryan's smart dressing and exceptional prose.

People have different strengths, and Will's strengths were exceptional. Bottom line. Good luck and god speed. We'll see you at the crossroads.

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