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RR Radio: Preparing for Signing Day; Colorado - Arizona

Ralphie Report Radio gets you ready for the final two weeks before Signing Day and break down Colorado - Arizona.

Jeff Gross

Season 3 Episode 2:

  • Football and recruiting update
  • Basketball season to-date review
  • Dinwiddie's injury and what it means, how the team will be going forward
  • What the UCLA loss and USC win meant
  • The chances of a tournament berth
  • Arizona and how good they really are
  • Arizona reset expectations for the conference and tourney
  • Surprises and disappointments for UA
  • How do CU and UA match-up
  • What CU needs to do to stay in the game
  • What UA needs to do to spoil the upset chance
  • How CU will match-up against AS

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By Jon Woods