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Coach Mike MacIntyre - Pac-12 Media Day 2013

Yours truly joined some other reporters for a sit-down with new Colorado Football Coach Mike MacIntyre. All manner of questions were asked. Some good answers were got. And they had nice brownies.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

Now I didn't get one-on-one time with Coach MacIntyre, rather a few of us were at the lunch table with him and we all asked questions. I got most of my questions asked, and some other people asked some of the questions I was going to ask, so I'm going to include those as well. I'll try to note when that happened. Also, because I wasn't able to hold my phone right up to him, I didn't get the clearest audio for all of it, so some of these answers are paraphrased from MacIntyre. Again, I'll note when that's the case.

The benefit to the interview happening this way was that I got to be around for nearly 25 minutes worth of answers from him.

Q: Have you seen the new facilities at places like Oregon and USC? (J. Henderson)

A: We'll get there, we'll get there.

Q: How quickly have guys been picking up the new system & the new things you've been putting in?

A: It felt like at the end of the spring, guys were picking it up better. We didn't have a lot in, but hopefully this summer they kept improving on that and they stayed at that level, maybe got a little bit better. Then we'll start this fall and see where we sit (or stand) and add a little bit more. But we won't have everything in for a while because we've got to make sure we play as fast as we can play. If they're thinking at all, that slows you down.

Q: You've got a bunch of receivers and running backs with experience, how are you planning on rotating them in and out?

A: The best ones are going to play. We'll see who are the ones we feel are ready to be BCS players and make plays. Some guys will play a bit more with others, guys they have a rotation with. And also injuries will dictate some of that as we go through the season.

Q: How are you feeling about your quarterback depth?

A: I feel good about our quarterback depth, I feel good about their competition when they get out there and they get going and we'll just keep working at it and keep going. I think it's good to have younger guys in the program that have a future to keep improving and keep playing and keep working.

Q: (J. Henderson asks a question, of course, posed in the most negative way, about how discouraged MacIntyre is about the situation w/ facilities, whether it's going to be delayed, and how he felt about his facilities at SJSU, even though the WAC didn't have a facilities arms race, yada yada yada....)

A: Well our facilities there were worst in the WAC by far. (I'm skipping some of this answer, because it's not very relevant). I still think we have good enough facilities to recruit with now, and as we move forward I'm trusting in Phil and all those guys to do it. They've committed to it.

Q: Have you heard about anything being used against you (facilities-wise) in recruiting? (J. Henderson)

A: No, but as you said earlier, ‘Have you seen Oregon's new thing?' They don't have to use it, that's what they've got. They just have to get kids up there.

Q: I know he doesn't start for another couple of weeks, but have you gotten to interact at all with the new Athletic Director, your new boss?

A: I've talked to Rick a couple of times, yes, and I'll talk to him later on this weekend after media day. He's still helping the Rangers do some things, but I'm looking forward to him getting here and getting going, I really am. Getting the relationship started and get going.

Some more questions about situation with AD and his previous experience with ADs at SJSU and stuff that I didn't record very clearly. I'm sure you'll see it reported somewhere. Basically some jokes about how he had 3 ADs in 3 seasons and that he basically felt like he could operate however he wanted to operate because nobody bothered him. It was funny.

Q: Can you tell us more about the QB situation, how it sits right now? (some guy)

A: Connor Wood is the quarterback definitely right now. I always like competition because I think competition breeds improvement. Without competition I think it's harder to prove something sometimes, so we're going to let the other guys compete also. But definitely, Connor is the frontrunner right now.

J. Henderson asked a question about the possible developments w/ the big 5 Conferences breaking away or creating their own division within college football and all of the repercussions. Coach MacIntyre had some interesting thoughts on this as part of the bigger discussion, and I'll write up a thing about it later. Perhaps with some video from an SBNation roundtable discussion I participated in that'll get posted sometime in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, that led to a discussion that included Chidera Uzo-Diribe about the cost-of-living stuff. Coach MacIntyre first made sure to contradict J. Henderson when he said that Mike Bohn told him that CU wouldn't be able to afford the $2000/yr on top of what the kids already get. According to Coach MacIntyre, "That isn't true". But Coach MacIntyre recognizes that the changes that are being discussed are in the best interest of the student athletes, and he believes that is very important, that their well being should be driving these discussions. Now these guys already get money as a part of their scholarships for room and board. But, Chidera mentioned that guys that live in more expensive places like on The Hill, it doesn't cover rent and food costs each month. He lives further away, but even he has had to ask his parents for help occasionally when unexpected things came up. That some additional money on top of the $1200 they already get would be good. When asked if some players might abuse that, he had this to say: "Definitely, you know some of us are young and immature. So it would be smart to have some kind of meter to show what we're spending the money on, to make sure we're spending our money wisely.

There is more, and it'll pick up with more discussion of money, stipends, meals and then we get back to football. But it was interesting to hear him talk about all of this. He's a fun guy, and you can see what kids he's recruiting, and what our administration saw in him. He's passionate and has a plan. He knows exactly what he's doing, and that was a great feeling to get from him.

How do all of you feel about players these things, the QB situation, additional stipend $ to players, and his answer regarding facilities thus far?

Second part will be coming soon!